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I’m Kaleejah Polley, one of the newest interns here at 915 Monmouth. I am a senior at Northern Kentucky University studying Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. When I was first introduced to this awesome internship, I didn’t think I would have a shot at getting to work for five amazingly talented women! Luckily, they saw something in me and have since then, blessed my life with so many new experiences and opportunities. And the crazy thing is I’ve only been with them now for a few months!  Along with Joe, I will be doing blogs, but you will also be hearing from me to keep you updated about our huge event in July, Junk in the Trunk! You will also see me hanging around the gorgeous studio helping you out, to make your 915 experience the best it can and should be. Before I get too far though, here’s a little “catch up” on me.

I have been lucky enough to have always had my mind made up since high school on what I wanted to do with my life, but nothing could have ever prepared me to see just where I would go. Up until four years ago, I have spent my whole life in Middletown, OH, where, I attended Bishop Fenwick High School, and graduated in 2009. Go Falcons! From playing a number of sports in high school, to winning Winter Homecoming Queen, I’d say my life has been pretty exciting, but I knew I wanted more. I found myself wanting to be implemented into organizations where we planned a different event every now and then, which helped me dig up my obsession again with planning events such as weddings.

From an early age, I found my true passion for anything and everything to do with weddings. My mom, who started this obsession of mine, would help family members and close friends out with planning weddings and parties of their own. Every party she would plan, she made sure to include me in one more extra detail from the last time, helping build my knowledge of what it would take to get everything just right. From the photography, the makeup, the flower arrangements, the customized invitations, all the way down to planning of the wedding itself, I haven’t lost my passion for wanting to learn more and more about each one. This is why 915 Monmouth has become the place for me!

When I received the “we want you” email, the excitement and disbelief I felt all in about one minute was overwhelming to say the least. Most people say you don’t get to have your dream job until you are thirty, luckily for me, I’ve been blessed to find my dream right here in this internship at the age of twenty-one. Being an intern here at the studio has been a dream come true…literally! These ladies have taught me so much in only a few months, I can’t imagine what else they can show me as this journey progresses, but I can sure say I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading and getting to know me. If you would like to know a little more about me, suggest some blog entries that interest you, or learn more on what 915 Monmouth has to offer you, send me an email at Hopefully we can meet soon, or maybe sometime in JULY!

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