Engagement photos are the most important “coming out” photos to show off you and your soon to be hubby, to all your family and friends. You want to dress perfect for the occasion, so one day when you are looking back at these pictures you aren’t thinking “what in the world was I thinking!?” To make sure that you are dressed to your best, here are a couple of tips to help you on your way to picking out the perfect outfits.


 First, pick a theme. Setting the scene for what you want your engagement photos to capture the most is so important. Are you a sporty couple or the hopeless romantic type? Do you like the city view or the country sunset? These questions will bring you the answers for what clothes to pick for your photo session so you aren’t dressed completely opposite of your setting that day.


Next, you need to know your location! What you choose to wear the day of your engagement photo shoot should go hand and hand with the theme of the area you have chosen to take your pictures at. You want to make it not only easy on yourself to get into the moment but also your photographer so that he or she can capture all the right moments you are looking to show to your guests for the big day.

Lindsay & Jamie Epix-10

Remember, pick something comfortable to move around in but that still captures both of your styles. You are going to be posing and moving a lot that day and you don’t want to look awkward and uncomfortable. So don’t be afraid to wear your favorite pair of jeans or shoes to show off your style. Stick to what is the best for you; great pictures will come from that.

    Hannah & Andrew Epix-45                                 

 Anna & Tim Epix-4404

Don’t forget, accessorize accessorize accessorize! Every detail matters, so bring your favorite colorful scarf if it’s a chilly day in the fall, or wear your favorite hat to show off your favorite sports team, or wear something you wore the day he popped the big question. Remember, these photos are for you to capture who you both really are so don’t be afraid to get personal and bring the things that have the most meaning to you.

Whitney & Jake Epix-6612

The last suggestion is to bring options! Sometimes what you think is going to be the perfect outfit, turns out not to be what you had envisioned so don’t be afraid to bring a few more outfit choices to the table. A word of advice from our very own Jacalyn Mains- owner of JMM Photography is “ I always tell my clients to dress COMPLIMENTARY (NOT in the same color- as they’ll blend and look like one big- fill in the blank color- blob).  Also, I tell my clients that patterns are totally fine to wear, but only one of them should wear a pattern because if they both do, it might look too busy.”

Laura & Tyler-2318

These are your engagement photos and you want to look your best and still look like yourself so bring what makes you and your hubby comfortable and rock your style for everyone to see!


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