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Junk in the Trunk

:: Mark your calendars for July 21st ::

One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure, that’s for sure. Especially at 915 Monmouth’s Junk in the Trunk.

Junk in the Trunk is an event that allows to-be brides to purchase items that past brides used at their wedding. Past brides drop off their goods to us, we style the pieces to show the best use of each piece and give ideas of how to incorporate the pieces into a wedding. Our studio transforms into a bridal retail space for one day. Studio members will be on-hand to answer any questions or help choose the perfect pieces for wedding decor.

We added a few new perks to the event, so sign up below (by clicking on the photo) to receive our newsletter.

Want to buy? Let us know what you’re looking for! Email brides -at- with the items you want to add to your wedding and we can start the hunt for you! We’ll also add you to our mailing list to ensure you’re kept up to date with all the fun new things we have in store for those wanting to get in and buy.

Want to be a seller?

Selling is actually pretty easy, mainly because we do all the work. We will announce our drop off days in May to allow you time to gather the pieces you wish to sell, get them priced and get all the paper work together (We promise it’s minimal. It just helps our transactions the day of the event go smoother and it helps get you paid much quicker). You don’t have to attend Junk in the Trunk at all, though you’re definitely welcome to come shop! In an effort to keep confusion to a minimum, we’ve broken down the process for you as best we can.

What can you sell? Any wedding decor, accessories (such as jewelry, sashes, fascinators), DIY pieces, centerpieces, table numbers, etc. If you used it to fancy up your wedding, you’re welcome to put it up for sale. If you just have some cute DIY pieces or Pinterest pieces that could be used in a wedding, but you aren’t a bride, we would love to include crafters that sell items others can use for their wedding!

What can you NOT sell? Dresses, shoes, undergarments, veils, or any other clothing. If you’re not sure what you have will be accepted, just drop us an email.

Please understand we cannot guarantee your items will sell, but pricing them reasonably will help them fly off the shelf! If you need help with pricing your items, we’re happy to give you suggestions, but please remember they are just that – suggestions. We’ve held two Junk in the Trunk events and each time different items have been hot commodities, so until we can find a pattern, the only items we know that do not sell well are the clothing items.

Great – I have items that fit that parameter. Now what? This is where our sellers in the past have been a bit confused, so we’ve done the best we can to simply it.
Each item will have a small, flat entry fee that is paid when you drop off your items. When that items sells, we deduct a percentage from that sale price as a selling fee. We encourage you to keep these fees (which are spelled out in our seller’s contract) in mind when pricing your items.

How do I price my pieces? There are two ways items can be priced : as a single item or as a group of like items that must be sold together. This is where it can get tricky, so sit tight.
A single item, for instance, would be a birdcage. It has no pair and can stand on it’s own at the wedding. Your birdcage would have a single entry fee and a single selling fee.
A group of like items would be like candles. Let’s say you have 100 candles you would like to sell in groups of 25. Four groups of 25 candles would have 4 entry fees (one for each group) and 4 selling fees (one for each group). You will also need to give each group it’s own item number.

What is the best way to mark my items to sell? It’s very important to mark each item you wish to sell, as items may not stay together as we’re styling the studio. Each item will need to be marked with your initials, item number and price. If you are selling items in a group, our suggestion is to bundle those pieces together, mark each piece with your initials and item number, but tag the group with the selling price to avoid confusion when purchasing and at check out.

Got it. I’m ready to sell. What do I need to do? Alright – we’re so excited! Please download our inventory sheet here. You can print it out or you can fill it out as a PDF form and email it to us. Either way, you will need this when you drop off your items to us, along with a contract that will be emailed to you once you let us know you want to sell. A sample inventory sheet will accompany that contract, to give you a visual of the most effective way to fill the inventory sheet out. The contract is where you will find all the information about the fees associated with selling, along with the legal mumbo-jumbo. When you have all your ducks in a row, please email us to let us know you’d like to be put on the scheduling list for drop-off and we’ll email you to arrange that. Right now, drop off will be in late June to allow us time to photograph and categorize all of the pieces available to release a LookBook for those wanting to get a peek at what we have to sell.

Still have questions? No problem. Send them to brides -at- and give us a day or two to respond.
Whew! I think we covered it all! We are so unbelievably excited to get Junk in the Trunk kicked off and can’t wait to see all of you in the studio.


Want to make sure you’re kept up-to-date on Junk in the Trunk? Click the photo below and sign up for our mailing list._MG_8690


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See inside the studio

When we first peeked through the window of 915 Monmouth, no one would have ever guessed this transformation was possible. But after a lot of elbow grease, even more love (and maybe a few curse words), Design*Sponge couldn’t help but take note of the jaw-dropping transformation of our studio.

The studio is the perfect home to small gatherings like baby showers, graduation parties, birthday parties or even an off-site meeting when you need to get out of the office and get the creative juices flowing. We’ve even held a few wedding receptions here! Whatever your event, we’re happy to open our doors to you. Visit one of our booking site for more information on rate Small Get-Togethers or Large Gatherings. Each one of those pages will give a short description of the type of event offered for that price-point to make it a little easier for you to distinguish where your event falls within the pricing structure. Still not sure? Drop us an email and we can help build a custom package, if need-be.

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Junk in the Trunk Look Book

A glimpse of a few items up for grabs at this year’s Junk in the Trunk.   Just a sneak peek… there is a ton of other great stuff.   Make sure you are there Sunday! Convinced you need a VIP ticket now?  There are only a couple left…get yours now.

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Junk in the Trunk VIP tickets

Each year we’ve held our Junk in the Trunk event, shoppers line up outside the door waiting to get in and get a peek. Well, we’ve decided to allow 20 lucky shoppers to come in a half an hour early – at 11:30 before the crowds – and shop with VIP tickets. We’ve put together a pretty impressive swag bag too, however we know it’s about the Junk – not the swag. But that’s how we roll when we roll VIP ;) VIPJunkWe’re not sure about you, but we’re tired of getting swag bags with nothing but business cards and coupons we’ll never use. So we reached out to our friends and the businesses we like to frequent and came up with an awesome Bag O’ Swag just for our VIP shoppers.

A bottle of wine from 915 Monmouth with a discount on a rental of the studio.
Sweet Treats from Tres Belle Cakes
Complimentary makeup trial from Cincy Makeup
$25 gift card to Nada
Free appetizer at Crave
Discount on Botox from Dr. Karen Jobalia MD
4EG tossed in a few goodies
(owners of Igby’s, aliveOne, Keystone, Pavilion, Righteous Room, The Lackman, Sandbar, The Stand and Tap n Go)
Pure Romance… need we say more?
Discount at Sloane Boutique
A little something from Christian Moerlein
The latest issue of Cincinnati Wedding Magazine

That’s one helluva party in a bag, if you ask us. We’re still talking to more places, so expect even more to be in there when you pick it up. Click the graphic above or right here to get your ticket. And as an added bonus, 915 Monmouth will also be drawing from the pool of VIP ticket holders for a free studio rental!

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Junk In The Trunk Reminder!

It’s almost here!

Junk in the Trunk is quickly approaching and we hope you are just as excited as we are about it! If you haven’t scheduled your drop off date/time, no worries! Just follow this link to select the day and time that suits you best for your drop off. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to give us your junk (which we know you are so ready to get rid of).

Once arriving to the 915 Monmouth Studio, it’s important that you have your contract and inventory sheet completed.  You can print them out or you can fill them out as a PDF form and email it to

These are very important forms that we will need in order to get all of your stuff checked in efficiently. We want this to be a great experience for you so, if you have any last minute questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!

Remember, we will accept any wedding decor, accessories (such as jewelry, sashes, and fascinators), DIY pieces, centerpieces, table numbers, etc.  If you used it to fancy up your wedding, you’re welcome to put it up for sale.  If you just have some cute DIY pieces or Pinterest pieces that could be used in a wedding, but you aren’t a bride, we would love to include crafters that sell items others can use for their wedding!  Just make sure to include everything on your inventory sheet before your arrival on drop off day.

If you think you have forgotten or you are unsure on exactly how your items need to be stamped, packaged, and shipped to us… here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do.

All items must be marked with your initials, item number and price. The reasoning behind this is that all of your items may be moved in order to style the studio in the best way come the day of Junk in the Trunk.  If you plan to sell items as a bundle, we advise you to bundle those pieces together, mark each piece with your initials, but tag the group with the selling price to avoid confusion when purchasing and at check out.

So what do we need from you again?

We need you to:

Select a drop off date/time that works best for you to bring us your junk.

Have your contract filled out prior to your drop off.

Have your Inventory Sheet filled out and completed prior to arrival the day of drop off.

Mark all items with your initials, item number, and price.


Again, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email. We just ask that you give us a day or two to respond.

If we don’t here from you, we will just see you here at the studio for drop off.


We cant wait to see what all you have for us!

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How to Dress For Your Engagement Photos.

Engagement photos are the most important “coming out” photos to show off you and your soon to be hubby, to all your family and friends. You want to dress perfect for the occasion, so one day when you are looking back at these pictures you aren’t thinking “what in the world was I thinking!?” To make sure that you are dressed to your best, here are a couple of tips to help you on your way to picking out the perfect outfits.


 First, pick a theme. Setting the scene for what you want your engagement photos to capture the most is so important. Are you a sporty couple or the hopeless romantic type? Do you like the city view or the country sunset? These questions will bring you the answers for what clothes to pick for your photo session so you aren’t dressed completely opposite of your setting that day.


Next, you need to know your location! What you choose to wear the day of your engagement photo shoot should go hand and hand with the theme of the area you have chosen to take your pictures at. You want to make it not only easy on yourself to get into the moment but also your photographer so that he or she can capture all the right moments you are looking to show to your guests for the big day.

Lindsay & Jamie Epix-10

Remember, pick something comfortable to move around in but that still captures both of your styles. You are going to be posing and moving a lot that day and you don’t want to look awkward and uncomfortable. So don’t be afraid to wear your favorite pair of jeans or shoes to show off your style. Stick to what is the best for you; great pictures will come from that.

    Hannah & Andrew Epix-45                                 

 Anna & Tim Epix-4404

Don’t forget, accessorize accessorize accessorize! Every detail matters, so bring your favorite colorful scarf if it’s a chilly day in the fall, or wear your favorite hat to show off your favorite sports team, or wear something you wore the day he popped the big question. Remember, these photos are for you to capture who you both really are so don’t be afraid to get personal and bring the things that have the most meaning to you.

Whitney & Jake Epix-6612

The last suggestion is to bring options! Sometimes what you think is going to be the perfect outfit, turns out not to be what you had envisioned so don’t be afraid to bring a few more outfit choices to the table. A word of advice from our very own Jacalyn Mains- owner of JMM Photography is “ I always tell my clients to dress COMPLIMENTARY (NOT in the same color- as they’ll blend and look like one big- fill in the blank color- blob).  Also, I tell my clients that patterns are totally fine to wear, but only one of them should wear a pattern because if they both do, it might look too busy.”

Laura & Tyler-2318

These are your engagement photos and you want to look your best and still look like yourself so bring what makes you and your hubby comfortable and rock your style for everyone to see!


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Meet Kaleejah!

Intern Introductions-4038Hi!

I’m Kaleejah Polley, one of the newest interns here at 915 Monmouth. I am a senior at Northern Kentucky University studying Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. When I was first introduced to this awesome internship, I didn’t think I would have a shot at getting to work for five amazingly talented women! Luckily, they saw something in me and have since then, blessed my life with so many new experiences and opportunities. And the crazy thing is I’ve only been with them now for a few months!  Along with Joe, I will be doing blogs, but you will also be hearing from me to keep you updated about our huge event in July, Junk in the Trunk! You will also see me hanging around the gorgeous studio helping you out, to make your 915 experience the best it can and should be. Before I get too far though, here’s a little “catch up” on me.

I have been lucky enough to have always had my mind made up since high school on what I wanted to do with my life, but nothing could have ever prepared me to see just where I would go. Up until four years ago, I have spent my whole life in Middletown, OH, where, I attended Bishop Fenwick High School, and graduated in 2009. Go Falcons! From playing a number of sports in high school, to winning Winter Homecoming Queen, I’d say my life has been pretty exciting, but I knew I wanted more. I found myself wanting to be implemented into organizations where we planned a different event every now and then, which helped me dig up my obsession again with planning events such as weddings.

From an early age, I found my true passion for anything and everything to do with weddings. My mom, who started this obsession of mine, would help family members and close friends out with planning weddings and parties of their own. Every party she would plan, she made sure to include me in one more extra detail from the last time, helping build my knowledge of what it would take to get everything just right. From the photography, the makeup, the flower arrangements, the customized invitations, all the way down to planning of the wedding itself, I haven’t lost my passion for wanting to learn more and more about each one. This is why 915 Monmouth has become the place for me!

When I received the “we want you” email, the excitement and disbelief I felt all in about one minute was overwhelming to say the least. Most people say you don’t get to have your dream job until you are thirty, luckily for me, I’ve been blessed to find my dream right here in this internship at the age of twenty-one. Being an intern here at the studio has been a dream come true…literally! These ladies have taught me so much in only a few months, I can’t imagine what else they can show me as this journey progresses, but I can sure say I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading and getting to know me. If you would like to know a little more about me, suggest some blog entries that interest you, or learn more on what 915 Monmouth has to offer you, send me an email at Hopefully we can meet soon, or maybe sometime in JULY!

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Joe The Intern

Intern Introductions-4086Why hello there! I’m Joe Dill and I am one half of the intern team at 915 Monmouth! Let me start right off the bat by saying that I am extremely excited and honored to get the chance to take this opportunity head on along with Kay. I can remember reading the job description for this position and thinking it was right up my alley. You’ll probably come to know me as the guy who blogs, manages the website, and takes on other random tasks around the studio, but let me tell you a little bit about myself first so we can get more acquainted.

Like I said, I’m Joe and I originally hail from good ole’ Cleveland, Ohio, but as I tell all my Cincinnati friends, don’t hold it against me, it’s a pretty cool place after all. I came down to Cincinnati to study Interior Design at the College of Mount Saint Joseph and then transferred to Northern Kentucky University after a year to join their Bachelor of Fine Arts Program for Design and Technology, which is just a fancy way of saying designing sets and props for the theatre department. I graduated a semester early this past December and since then have been trying to become a real-life adult and find a job and new apartment, so at least I’m half way there.

When I wasn’t in school, working, prepping for a show to open, or trying to maintain a social life, most of my time over the past few years was spent following my dream of one day owning my very own interior design business, and knowing a little about that will probably tell you a lot about me. Let me explain.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had this drive to transform the world of interior design in the same way that Trading Spaces changed the world of home renovations on television when TLC was still about being a learning channel. But really, I’m not going to say that I’m not a fan of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo or anything. After all, who doesn’t love a little vajiggle-jaggle?

Anyways, growing up I lived with my mom and grandmother and most of my time was spent watching shows with them like Trading Spaces, Room By Room, and a hefty dash of The Golden Girls. I credit a lot of my desire to be an interior designer to the former of these shows and I credit my desire to polish off everyday with a cheesecake to the latter. I guess I was a pretty impressionable tween. I wonder where I would be if I spent every evening watching America’s Most Wanted or something. Either way, I knew that someday I wanted to own my own business, I just never knew how to get it going.

Fast forward a few years and I’m signing the lease on my first studio apartment in the Licking River district of Covington, KY, a month before I start NKU. The apartment was in my dream locale with hardwood floors, lots of character, and 12-foot high ceilings. I finally had my very own blank canvas of a dwelling and my imagination was running wild. One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to play off the high ceilings with pieces of large, dramatic artwork. Shopping around, I found no options for the scale I wanted on a college student’s budget that was even remotely attractive. I then decided to take matters into my own hands, and the rest, I guess as they say, is history.

I’ve always been an incredibly Eco-conscious lad and like to repurpose, reuse, and recycle as much as possible. I do what I can to make sure my size elevens leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.  When I started to tackle the artwork for my apartment, I found some salvaged wood to work on and some newsprint to make my idea come to life. What resulted was something low in price, high in style, and perfect for my kitchen. And so it all began.

A few friends and family told me that they quite liked what I had done and encouraged me to keep going. Taking a shot in the dark, I decided to send off some samples of my stuff to a local art show near Cleveland and was given the chance to show and sell my work that July of 2011 in their Art Fest. After getting a great response from patrons of the show and selling more pieces than I ever thought possible, I kept creating and have since participated in art shows in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati!

Navigating the art show circuit has brought me some of the absolute best experiences of my life. Creating art and revamping interiors has taught me just as much about myself as it has the craft of designing and I love that I learn something new everyday. Through my work, I like to challenge viewers to rethink their surroundings, push materials to their limits, and redefine masculinity and femininity as it applies to the design world.  Taking inspiration from my travels, urbanization, and fashion gives a unique edge to my work and one that I strive to continue to develop and refine over the coming years.

So that is basically what brought me here. For the past almost two years I’ve been running Joe Dill Designs acting as a freelance interior designer, artist, blogger, furniture restorer/designer, sewer, or whatever else someone might need me to do to make their house feel more like a home. I knew this internship was great for me because I would get to work closely with five successful entrepreneurs and obtain the tools and connections I would need to take myself and my business to the next level, whatever that might be.

Besides all of that, I also like to consider myself to be a witty, creative, and personable guy. I love Indie movies and music, sweet treats, and seeing the potential in everything and everyone. You’ll often find me exploring Over-the-Rhine, chilling out to some Damien Rice tunes, or cooking up the newest recipe I’ve found. I’m so very excited to start this new chapter with the ladies of 915 and all of you to see where this magic carpet ride takes us all!

If you want to know anything else, check out my website at and find me on Facebook, Twitter, and peruse my personal blog and portfolio! Or you can always shoot me an email at!


Go forth and be fabulous.


Joe The Intern.



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DIY Ceremony Decor

We all want our ceremony décor to have just the right touch of beauty and uniqueness on the big day, so why not go all out, right? If you want to stand out and get personal with your guests, think about how you want them to feel when they walk into your ceremony/ reception space.

For now, let’s focus on your ceremony space. Whether you are doing an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding, you can get as creative as you want. Let’s think about an indoor wedding for right now. Your guests are walking in and what do they see? The aisle runner you are about to walk down with your future partner waiting for you at the altar. Why not make that aisle runner a timeline of you and your partner’s future?  Yes, that’s right! Get creative with your aisle runner by screen printing pictures of you and your spouse’s love story from your first date to the present, your wedding day.

To get even more creative with it, have past love letters, quotes from both of your favorite love songs or books, memories, or maybe even your vows printed along the aisle runner too. Show your guests how much you and your groom love each other by sharing with them your personal messages to each other that now you are willing to share with them, too.

timeline aisle runner  A written note runner

Now, if you choose to do an outside wedding/ reception in the summer, why not help make your guest feel more comfortable by giving them a little party favor that everyone can enjoy. . . sunglasses! These won’t just be your standard sunglasses though; make them customized with you and your grooms name on them and your wedding date too! So then, not only can your guest get a clear vision of your ceremony without stressing about the sun shining  too much, they will also remember you and your groom while blocking the sun out of their eyes for other occasions they might choose to wear these cool shades to. This can also serve as fun props for pictures, especially if you have a photo booth!


how cute for an outdoor wedding! Wedding sunglasses. Get them on

keep it classy and classic with a black + white photo booth at the wedding

So go on and show your guest the creative side of you, and start brain storming!


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Cincinnati Wedding Magazine Luncheon

This past year, the studio took out an ad in Cincinnati Wedding Magazine (have you seen it yet? If not, here’s a peek). The magazine has gone thru a beautiful re-brand and we couldn’t be more excited to team up with the magazine. In true 915 spirit, we invited the ladies at the magazine over for lunch. Kara, Whitney and Maggie were so much fun and we can tell they have so many great ideas to incorporate – we just hope we can be a part of some of them!

This time around, we had Funky’s cater the food, Tres Belle Cakes (who just opened up her brick-n-morter shop in the Reading Bridal District) provide the sweets and Adora Event Rental provide the linens. With our lunch set for Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t help but show a little love in the decor.

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Junk in the Trunk

The perfect place for past brides to sell their decor and to-be brides to snatch it up! 915 Monmouth turns into a bridal flea market of sorts, acting as a consignment shop for brides-to-be to find their perfect wedding decor at perfect prices.

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See inside the studio

Take a virtual tour of the 915 Monmouth Studio!

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Junk in the Trunk Look Book

A glimpse of a few items up for grabs at this year’s Junk in the Trunk.   Just a...
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Junk in the Trunk VIP tickets

Get VIP tickets for this year’s Junk in the Trunk – but hurry! Only 20 tickets are being sold!

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Junk In The Trunk Reminder!

It’s almost here! Junk in the Trunk is quickly approaching and we hope you are just as...
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How to Dress For Your Engagement Photos.

Check out our simple tips for what to wear when shooting your engagement photos!

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thumbnail See Inside The Studio article post

Meet Kaleejah!

Say hello to Kaleejah Polley, one half of our new intern staff!

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thumbnail Junk In The Trunk article post

Joe The Intern

Say hello to one half of our intern staff!

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DIY Ceremony Decor

A few simple tips on how to take your ceremony from typical to thoughtful!

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Cincinnati Wedding Magazine Luncheon

We hosted Cincinnati Wedding Magazine for lunch at the studio on Valentine’s Day.

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